About Shahida Shariff


Shahida Shariff, the lady behind the quirky, flirty brand called ButtonMyButtons was born in 1984, her interest in designing started at a young age when she used to cut up her mother’s curtains and tudungs to make dresses for her Barbie Dolls.

After studying in a local University, UITM, Shahida then landed her first post-grad job as an Editorial Assistant for a local fashion magazine, but with dreams to create and have a hands-on involvement in the industry, in 2006, she took up residence as a designer in Hyde & Seek, a menswear store. It was not long after that she and a few friends decided to take the plunge and start their own boutique by selling imported apparel through social media on Friendster and MySpace under another brand called Missbow in Damansara with a partner, which eventually led her to produce her debut label ButtonMyButtons. Her unique approach to design, marketing, sense of style and bubbly personality has helped her set apart as businesswomen and designer.

With very limited pieces per design, and her interest in unusual fabric led to the distinctive trademark of ButtonMyButtons products: the surprising combination of materials. Shahida’s exclusive creations have been readily snapped up by

the fashion hungry. Producing tees, jackets, and dresses to custom hand-made fashion bags and shoes. For ButtonMyButtons, Shahida mixed it up, drawing influences from fashions of decades past with a bang up to date modern twist.